Lima Company, the right choice. The right people, the right approach, the right results.

LIMA Company Plumbing Services

Lima Company is the right choice for all your plumbing needs. From the water entering to the waste leaving your building we have you covered. Our plumbers are highly skilled craftsman who also have the insight to recommend the best and most cost efficient solution for you.

From cleaning a simple drain stoppage to re-piping an entire building we promise that our people will prove to be the right choice. Through their ingenuity and experience we have developed processes and unique products that will reduce repetitive service calls and reduce your operating costs.

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"Lima Company has provided us with plumbing services for about 12 years. Their performance has been excellent in all areas. They are very customer focused and always get the job done right. What makes them stand out is their people. They have a knack for retaining some of the best craftsmen in the industry. They work well as a team and provide an excellent finished product. Retaining the same quality people for years has enabled us to get to know them and trust them. Lima Company is an excellent partner"

Frank Cotillo
Director of Engineering
Philadelphia Marriot West